Do I Need a Root Canal?

Fractured, cracked and split teeth, along with tooth decay are common reasons root canal therapy may be recommended. While seemingly harmless, if left untreated, these issues can cause infections in the pulp of the tooth that can cause severe pain and serious oral health concerns.

Top Myths Associated With Root Canals

What are the top misconceptions about root canals?

  • Root canals hurt. This may have once been true, but is no longer the case thanks to advanced equipment and procedures.
  • Root canals are expensive. At our office, we offer may ways for you to pay for the treatments you need, including root canals.
  • Root canals are unnecessary. This is a huge myth. If a tooth has become infected, the infection should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, complications can occur in the mouth and jaw.
  • Root canals will lead to tooth removal. Actually, a root canal is meant to save your tooth and avoid any extractions.
  • Root canals are time consuming. We can efficiently treat you in less time than you may think, depending upon the complexity of your situation.
  • Root canals can be performed by any dental provider. This is untrue, and is the reason we have an on-staff endodontist. You will always receive care from a specialist when you choose our dental office.
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