Considering Teeth Whitening? Leave it to the Pros

Published: November 30, 2017

We all want brighter smiles and beautiful teeth, but there are no shortcuts. Getting that healthy appearance you are after starts with proper oral hygiene, but sometimes age and stains still leave your mouth looking older and less attractive. Doctor Hossein Javid uses a full range of cosmetic dentistry techniques bring out your best smile […]

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Inside CEREC Technology

Published: March 20, 2017

Perhaps nothing displays self-confidence more than a bright, beaming smile. Yet if you are like the 16 percent of American adults that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports suffer from having a damaged or missing tooth, then your reluctance to share your smile with the world is understandable. Fortunately, advances made in dental […]

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Veneers Cover Minor Imperfections and Smooth Out Your Smile

Published: October 24, 2016

While most people understand the importance of visiting the dentist for major dental problems such as gum disease, badly cracked teeth or tooth loss, many Torrance, CA residents never even think to visit their dentist to treat their minor dental imperfections. They simply live with them, thinking they don’t have any other option. Thankfully, nothing […]

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