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ENjoy the advantages of a multi-specialty dental practice
Most general dentists patients visit today have to refer patients to other specialists for treatments and solutions such as oral surgeries, periodontics care and orthodontics.

At our facility, we employ a team of dental practitioners that includes a variety of specialty areas, so you do not need to be referred out. This means you and your family can receive all of the dental care needed at one location, by specialists in their field. This reduces your treatment time and increases your opportunities to get individualized care.

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    Hossein Javid, DDS

    Dr. Javid has spent his career developing expertise in a number of areas, including dental implantation and the use of high-tech lasers and other equipment. He is the founder of our dental center, and his vision has helped us become a premiere provider of world-class dental services.

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    Dr. Bita Kohan, PEDO

    Dr. Bita Kohan received her degree in Dentistry from Loma Linda University of Dentistry in 2012. An avid fan of arts and design as well as sciences and human biology, Dr. Kohan majored in Art History and Biology for her undergraduate studies at UCLA. During that time, she received the Regents Scholarship for her academic excellence. Dentistry had always attracted her due to the mix of her two passions of art and biology. What has made dentistry truly special for her has been the compassion and patient care that comes with the field. 

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    Dr. Neeraj Saran , General Dentist

    Dr. Neeraj Saran is a general dentist who has been practicing general dentistry with Dr. Smile El Segundo for over a year. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and caring dentist on our staff who takes time to get to know and fulfill all the needs of each patient. As a dentist who worked at many other offices where dentists weren’t given the time to connect with his patients, he is grateful to work in an office who centers time with the patient as one of the many priorities for the patient.

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