Published: 10/24/2016

Can your smile create an outstanding first impression? It can if it’s healthy and looks great. Missing or deteriorating teeth can detract from personal appearance, however, and poor oral health creates problems for systemic health, too.

That’s where excellent preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care comes in–care delivered by Dr. Smile dentistry. Doctors Kayon Bridgesand Hassein Javid have worked tirelessly to offer technically precise, attractive and comfortable dental services to patients of all ages from their 4 office locations.

Dental crowns and bridgework

Two of the many dental services delivered by these Torrance, CA dentists are dental crowns and fixed bridgework. Providing great aesthetics and smile restoration, Doctors Kayon and Hassein Javid have brought these traditional procedures into the 21st century with leading-edge techniques and quality materials.

A crown covers a tooth that has been fractured or severely decayed. Custom-made according to an impression taken in the dentist’s office, crowns are fabricated from gold, metal alloy and porcelain or solid porcelain. Gold or metal crowns usually cover back molars as these materials can withstand the biting forces close to the jaw joint.

The dentist shapes the damaged tooth to receive the crown by removing all the decay or old fillings. He may inject the site with local anesthesia to keep the patient totally comfortable. After taking an impression, the dentist fits the prepared tooth with a temporary crown. This is removed when the permanent restoration is glued into place and adjusted for fit and bite. The dentist may refinish malformed teeth, dental implants or cracked teeth with crowns, too.

Often, crowns support permanent bridgework. Comprised of one or more prosthetic teeth, bridgework spans a gap left by tooth extraction. A permanent restoration, the bridgework prevents neighboring natural teeth from drifting out of alignment and weakening. It also normalizes speech and eating, and of course, the resulting smile looks color-matched and complete.

Caring for crowns and bridgework

Patients care for their crowns and bridgework just as they do their natural teeth. The American Dental Association recommends the use of a quality fluoride toothpaste to brush at least twice daily. Patients should floss around all their teeth and restorations faithfully once a day to remove plaque and food residue. Twice yearly dental examinations at Dr. Smile Dentistry, along with hygienic cleanings and x-rays as needed, are the rule.

Exploring crowns and bridgework

You may have additional questions about these excellent restorations; so why not contact Dr. Smile Dentistry for an appointment at the office nearest you (Torrance, El Segundo, Lomita and San Pedro)? The staff of dentists includes:

  • Kayvon Javid DDS
  • Hassein Javid DDS
  • Michael Belton DDS, MD
  • Mariam Nadi DDS
  • Jose Perea DDS
  • Esther Feldman DDS

From general and cosmetic dentistry to endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, and periodontics, the team is well-qualified to address every dental need and concern. Call (310) 325-8555.

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