Published: 10/24/2016

Many of us deal with minor dental imperfections that keep us from having that perfect smile. Maybe it’s a small chip in one of your front teeth or you’re embarrassed by a severe discoloration that teeth whitening just doesn’t seem to be able to remove. If this sounds like you, then your smile may benefit from dental bonding.

What is dental bonding?

Cosmetic DentistryDental bonding is made from a composite resin that is exactly like the material we use to fill a tooth after a cavity. This resin is tooth-colored so it is a more aesthetically appealing option for your smile.

What is the purpose of dental bonding?

The bonding resin goes over damaged teeth to improve their appearance. Dental bonding is strictly used for cosmetic dentistry in Torrance, CA. It is used to hide stained and chipped teeth, to close up gaps between teeth and to lengthen or change the shape of teeth.

What should I expect from the dental bonding procedure?

No tooth preparation is needed prior to applying the resin, which makes this cosmetic procedure one of the easiest dental treatments available. Plus, anesthesia is not required since the procedure is completely non-invasive. The only time anesthesia may be necessary is if we are using the resin to fill a cavity.

The bonding resin comes in different shades and your Torrance, CA dentist will determine which color is right for your smile. Then we will etch the surface of your tooth and apply a bonding liquid, which will help the resin stick to your tooth.

Then we will apply the resin, which is moldable. Since the material is putty-like, it allows us to easily shape the bonding material to your tooth to give you a better-looking smile. Once we have the ideal look, we will use a laser to harden the bonding resin. We may also need to trim or reshape the resin after hardening. Once complete, we will polish your new tooth. This whole process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for each tooth.

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