Take Away Wisdom Teeth… and the Fear of Pain

One of the biggest fears among most wisdom tooth removal patients is that the process will hurt. When we work with you to develop a wisdom tooth extraction plan, we will suggest the right type of sedation dentistry or general anesthesia (administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist). Our ultimate goal is for you to feel completely comfortable throughout the procedure. Often times, we find our patients awaken feeling minimal pain and relieved at the process.

What to Expect from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

“Why do my wisdom teeth need to be taken out?” Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, however often times they push or crowd other teeth, causing discomfort, pain or even cosmetic issues like crooked teeth. Some wisdom teeth may also be impacted, meaning they never fully erupt through the gums. Most people find that they simply do not have room for their wisdom teeth, so they visit an oral surgeon to have them removed.

During the wisdom tooth extraction process, the patient is sufficiently sedated or placed under general anesthesia. This gives the oral surgeon the opportunity to efficiently remove the teeth and prep the area for healing. If you choose our dental provider for your wisdom tooth removal procedure, you will be given detailed at-home instructions to help you keep the area clean. You may also be given medications to take for any discomfort caused by surgery.

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