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Highest Quality Pediatric Dental Care for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

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Healthy Smiles Start Even Before the First Tooth

Did you know that children are at risk of childhood cavities even before their first tooth emerges from the gums? Without proper gum care, bacteria can grow in your child’s mouth, putting their baby teeth at risk. While this may seem like a small concern since baby teeth are not permanent, cavities in your child’s teeth also set their future adult teeth up for failure if not treated.

Scheduled, routine dental cleanings help prevent these harmful bacteria from settling in your child’s mouth, effectively preventing cavities or worse, gum disease. Bringing your child to visit Dr. Hossein Javid by the time their first tooth emerges, or by their first birthday, can help you establish good oral health routines with your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Prevent, Diagnose and Treat Dental Concerns with Pediatric Services

Routine appointments are ideal for Dr. Javid to prevent, diagnose and treat any dental concerns before they turn into problems for your child. To help keep your child’s smile healthy, Dr. Javid offers the following pediatric services:

  • Fillings
  • Preventative Care
  • Root Canals
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal

During their appointments, we strive to keep your child as relaxed and comfortable as possible, but we understand that some children experience dental anxiety. To help, we offer sedation dentistry. This is safely administered by an experienced Board Certified Anesthesiologist.


Dr. Bita Kohan

Dr. Bita Kohan received her degree in Dentistry from Loma Linda University of Dentistry in 2012. An avid fan of arts and design as well as sciences and human biology, Dr. Kohan majored in Art History and Biology for her undergraduate studies at UCLA. During that time, she received the Regents Scholarship for her academic excellence. Dentistry had always attracted her due to the mix of her two passions of art and biology. What has made dentistry truly special for her has been the compassion and patient care that comes with the field. Her education at Loma University of Dentistry cultivated her patient-centered care. There is a special satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from witnessing the positive impact that one is making on people’s lives on a daily basis. For the past three years, Dr. Kohan has been working exclusively with pediatric patients. Her patients love her soothing voice and calming touch. In addition to Dentistry, Dr. Kohan enjoys travelling, painting, and reading.

Proven Orthodontic Treatment for Beautiful Smiles

By keeping up with regular appointments, Dr. Javid can watch the development of your child’s smile as they grow. In the event that they are exhibiting signs of an overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, or gaps between the teeth, he can recommend the following orthodontic treatments:

  • Traditional Braces
  • Six Month Smiles®
  • Invisalign®

With Dr. Javid’s years of experience in the dental field, your child’s dental care is in good hands.

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